Do you visit certain Stops often? Need to specify weekly hours for a location? Consider turning those Stops into Favorites to make your life just a bit easier.

Create a Favorite

You can create a favorite a couple different ways. If you already have a stop on a route that you want to add as a favorite, you can tap that stop, and then tap the "Save Favorite" button.

Add favorite from stop

You can also add a favorite by searching for it in the planner, similar to searching for a stop. When the popup map appears to confirm the location, simply hit "Add Favorite" to add that location as a favorite. This can also be done in the Favorites section of the app.

Add favorite from search

If you have more than a few favorites you need to add, you may want to use our Upload Tool to bulk upload favorites via spreadsheet (Pro Feature).

Using favorites with routes

One of the benefits of a favorite is that you can easily add the same location to a route without having to search and confirm the location. You can do this by tapping on the favorite either in the planner map/list, or in the favorites screen, and then tapping "Add to Route" in the favorite popup.

Add favorite to route

Once on a route, you can tell which stops have a favorite backing them by the star icon in the stop list.

Stop with favorite

When in the favorite list, you can tell which favorites are currently on the open route by the flag icon in the upper right of the favorite.

On Route flag

You can also remove a stop with a favorite from a route by tapping the "Remove from route" button on the favorite popup.

Remove Stop from Route

Important: After you create a stop from a favorite, edits to that stop will not affect the favorite. Similarly additional changes to the favorite will not affect the stop. Edits done are not linked between the two.

Adding multiple favorites to a route

If you want to add many favorites to a route, you can do so with multi-select mode. This can be done by going to the planner list view, and tapping on a favorite icon on the left.

Start Multi select favorites

Now multi-select mode is engaged - tap any additional favorite icons will add that favorite to the current selection. After you have selected all of your favorites that you want to add to the route, tap the "+" button at the top of the screen to add those selected favorites to your current open route.

Add multiple favorites

Customizing a favorite

Once you've created a favorite, you can customize it in a few different ways.

Editing a Favorite

Tapping Edit in the favorite popup will bring up the edit screen for that favorite. From here you can change the display name, add a note, change the color of the pin, among other options.

Changing the color of the pin will affect the appearance on the map and in lists.

Editing a favorite

TIP: If you add a phone number, you will be able to quickly text or email the location from the stop or favorite popup.

Phone and text buttons

Changing Pin Location

Sometimes the pin location of a favorite may not be in the precise location that you want. For example if you are looking to go to the back loading ramp vs the front of the store.

You can adjust the location of the pin by tapping "Relocate Map Pin", and then positioning the pin in the exact location that you want.

Relocate map pin

Favorite Availability

Favorites give you the ability to set certain availability schedules for that location. For example if a store is only open from 9am-5pm on Monday-Friday, and 1pm-3pm on Saturday-Sunday, you will be able to specify this, which will be taken into account when optimizing the route.

To set an availability schedule for a favorite, tap the favorite to bring up the popup, then tap the "Manage Availability". For more detail on setting availability, please see our article on Time Windows.


Keeping Track of Checkins

With a favorite, you can keep track of any checkins made to stops created from that favorite.

In order to see a list of checkins for a favorite, tap on a favorite to bring up the popup menu, and then tap "View History" to see a list of checkins for that favorite.

View History